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Thursday, July 02, 2009

A keep everyone wants to defend!

I built a LEGO castle. Thought I'd share. It is perfectly symmetrical, the same on the right as on the left. The next three pictures are of the whole castle, and close ups of the parts of the outer wall.

The next photo is an up close of the keep. It's stairs and ladders, it tiers and battlements. Then are photos of the back side. The whole backside of the keep is wall-less, this allows for easy access to the inside. Also you'll notice I used base-plates for the floors. This is a long standing type of archetecture used at our house to allow for even better access to the inside, for they can simply be slid out. Another nice sliding piece is the staircase. I have two staircases on the inside of the building. However, to make them easier to use, the second one slides out, making it easier to use the one on the bottom. Also, you'll notice that to hold up the second staircase I used tiny pips on the side of the wall, designed to be as unobtrusive as possible.

Here we have an upclose of a nice part of the courtyard. See the floor of the castle is divided into three sections by two walls. The center is a wide corrodore that makes the invaders easy picking to the defenders. However, to make movements easier in peacetime, there are gates made, that cleverly slide out to make it harder for attackers to climb over.


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