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Thursday, April 05, 2007

De-Dle De-De There they are a standing in a row

Yesterday was a pretty full day.

A customer at work came up to me to ask for help. "Can you help me? You people are so much better at these things than I am," she asks. I think, "Of course I can help, I'm an employee, it's my job to help you find/get you stuff" So I ask what I can help her with.

She pulls out her cell phone.

I was a little taken aback. This was not what I had expected. It struck me that when she said, "You people are so much better at these things than I am," she meant that young people are good with technology. The meaning of her phrase is, of course, false. I am both young and know little of cell phones. I've never properly owned one. (Add onto this the fact that this phone is quite different than all the others I've seen.)

She shows me what she was doing; she punched in the number and hit the red button in the upper right hand corner. This causes a little confusion because I was most certain that that was the place in which the "call" button was located on the other phones I'd seen, but red means stop. So I decided to suggest pushing the green button where the "end" button is usually located. She said she already tried that but it didn't work, but she'd try it again anyway.

It worked.

Later she comes back and asks me where the baking supplies are. I tell her. She tells me happy Easter. I tell her happy Easter back. She asks me if I'm having any family over for Easter.

Okay, that weirded me out. I'm not am extroverted guy. I'm not used to having such... personal... discussions with people I know so little. Add to that my paranoia when people start acting oddly. (Strangers asking if I'm having any family over is something I classify as not normal.)

So I quickly tell myself that I'm a jerk, and that I should be happy, and pleasant, and extroverted. I inform her that no, to my knowledge we are not having any out of town guests. She tells me that that can be perfectly nice as well, and takes her leave.

Then (at a busy time up front when I'm bagging to help out) she's checking out her groceries. Apparently during the friendly chit-chat she's having with the cashier, I'm asked to fetch a jar of pimentos.

That was the first thing like that I've ever experienced. Not only do I find it weird, I also find it weird that I find it weird. That's the weirdest bit. How does that even work I wonder?

Then there was something else that happened which I can't remember. But I know that I've forgotten something. I think it was some witty banter I overheard.

Then Matt followed me home. He was going down to Boarders Books & Music. I guess he didn't know the other ways well enough, so he took the rout past our house. He comes down off the highway right behind me. ...and when I say right behind me I mean a little too close for comfort. Not tailgating, but closer than I would have been to myself. I'm going to have to give him grief for this. I just need to figure out a way to make it seem a bigger deal than it is...

Then Gina left American Idol. It was a pity. We have four others who could easily be considered to be more deserving of leaving.

Then Lost was awesome. The two episodes before last nights had really spooky endings. (you remember, with the "magic box" and spiders?)

Then... I realize it's late and my head is screaming "SLEEP" at me. So I think that all those things I'm forgetting can just get lost to the ages.

Serves them right for being so easily forgettable that a little tiredness wipes them from memory.


  • At 12:12 PM, Blogger Ethan said…

    Conversations like that are fairly typical at the library, even with volunteers I know very little. For what that's worth. *shrug*


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