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Sunday, April 15, 2007


Saturday we went up to Madison to hang out with the Bartletts. Lunch was at a Chinese Buffet. It was filled with the usual lunchtime "conversation".

My fortune cookie read, "Romance is likely; strike up a conversation!" This lead to many jokes the rest of the day.

We then went on to Ultrazone to play laser tag. I had never played laser tag before, so my first game was kind of pathetic, but my second game I did a lot better. I don't know what happened, but my last game was even worse than my first. I'll give y'all the basic run down of my stat cards.

Game #1 Pipeline, Red 08.
Score: 4,501
Rank: 22 of 33
Pulses Fired: 140
Kills/Killed: 23/38
Effectiveness: 1.86%

Game #2 Spellfire, Red 12.
Score: 8,852
Rank: 11 of 30
Pulses Fired: 275
Kills/Killed: 38/39
Effectiveness: 4.16%

Game #3 Ransack, Yellow 08.
Score: 3,650
Rank: 29 of 38
Pulses Fired: 186
Kills/Killed: 35/43
Effectiveness: 1.28%

To give you an idea of what the score means, the highest score on any of the games we played was 16,750. A good average/mode would be ~10,000.

Man, I'm going to have to find a laser tag place near here to play in every now and then. That was just too awesome.

Also, one of the vest's names was "Awesome". That is an awesome name.

Some memorable events at the laser tag place. The one girl who was telling us how the game worked the first time yelled at a bunch of guys who were making noise to, "BE QUIET!" And I started a round of rhythmic clapping while we were waiting for the last game to start. After the rhythmic clapping died out, a couple of other people decided to start up the "we will rock you" beat.

My hands were hurting by the start of that game.

We then hung out at Barns and Nobles making comments about random books we picked up. I'm sure any employee would think quite poorly of us if they had noticed.


  • At 8:30 PM, Blogger Heidi said…

    Laser tag is awesome. :D I haven't gotten to play it for over a year now though.

    Hehe. Ethan told us (me and Aaron) about the fortune cookie and clapping yesterday.

    Hopefully this trip works out and we get to see you! Tarja is jealous. I might have to bring her along. ;)

  • At 4:44 PM, Anonymous Roshak said…

    Never done Laser Tag, but heard from quite a few its great. That and Paintball.

    Some Fortune Cookie. Maybe its a sign from Tao.

  • At 9:43 PM, Blogger Paul said…

    Heidi: I still have to get Tarja her 300 something yen I promised her. If she doesn't come along, remind you to get it to you.

    Mike: I've never done Paintball. But I do know that laser tag is awesome. You'll totally have to go sometime.

    Tao or no, we were planning on going to the cafe in the bookstore, because cafes always have a plethora of cute girls. ;-)

  • At 12:08 PM, Blogger Ethan said…

    hehe. "Conversation"? Are you implying we don't really know how to make conversation?

    Paul (reading fortune cookie): "Romance is likely. Strike up a conversation." (Turns to Ethan) I'm not talking to you!

    Aye, Paintball is also fun, but far more painful than laser tag. I haven't paintballed in several months, but I still have bruises from last time...

    Oh, and I was at the cafe after you guys left, Paul. All the cute girls were off-duty.


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