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In soviet Russia, the middle life is living.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Windows Firewall

Windows firewall seems rather pathetic.

For example, I just told it to block everything, no exceptions. This should mean that not only can the internet not access me, but I can't access the internet.

Goes both ways, see?

Now, this works all fine and dandy for things like uTorrent or America's Army, but for some reason some programs, like Firefox or iTunes, can just bypass my firewall. Without my knowledge or consent.

I mean, honestly... Common programs that everyone uses can just waltz right through a perfectly solid firewall. A firewall with no holes, no forwarded ports, nothing. Right now my computer should be completely cut off from the internet. Just as if I didn't have a wireless card at all.

Yet here I am, posting this.

Ergo, there are holes in my firewall. Holes that windows says doesn't exists.

You know what that means?

Windows lied to me.

Do you know what happens when you lie?

You die.

You die and go to hell.

Maybe then it might learn something about inescapable fire.

...all of this to say... Does anybody know of any really good firewalls? Heck, it doesn't even have to be any good at all.

Saturday, June 21, 2008


My car broke.

The break lines running the length of the car are shot. Rusted right through. It wouldn't have been too bad to fix, except that the fuel line is badly rusted too. It would probably have ruptured during repairs.

So it got sold.

Now I have no car, this will make college harder.

...though not as hard as if I had a nice little debt instead of no car.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Continuing the Patrick Henry Discussion

This isn't about forced servitude, that is, honest slavery, but rather a slavery to the government. About how poorly the government can treat you "for your benefit." This isn't about automatic, instant, death, but a premature death, or maybe, not even your premature death, but the premature death of your grandchildren.

This is all about environmentalism, more specifically, Global Warming.

This country has been hit with a green fever, and the people are all clamoring for the government to take action, to fight a war on warming.

The Clean Air Act, Carbon Credits, renewable energy subsidization, mandating ethanol, outlawing incandescent lights and plastic bags, and most of all, energy caps. We're getting more and more government control.

What's next?

At what point do we decide that living like pack animals is not worth it? At what point do we agree a beautiful earth is desecrated by an ugly administration? At what point do we yell, "To hell with the earth!"

Surely if the only way to save the environment is to turn the world into a living Orwellian nightmare, the environment is not worth it. Why should we work to preserve the future, if the future IS slavery?

Nat commented on how the real question is about serving your neighbor. True. But think. In the case of your unborn children, the children to whom the future really belongs, YOU have to chose what freedom, and what slavery they will live with. And to choose, you must decide what option is best.

In fact, with that thought, we have destroyed all relativism, and forced ourselves into a choice of absolutes. Instead of choosing what we want, we have to choose what is right, what is right for future generations.

As I mentioned in my first comment to my previous post, it's relative, relative of how much life, to how much slavery. Certainly, most people will be fine with a few extra taxes to put public trashcans in parks, but how far do we go? Are we all really okay with turning our lives over to a new Hitler or Stalin, Voldemort or Big Brother?

Friday, June 06, 2008

Do you agree with Patrick Henry?

I will be leaving for vacation tomorrow. One week family reunion.

While I'm gone, I want you to think about something: Is it better to die free, or live a slave.

Now think about it, really think about it.

If freedom will eventually kill you, is it better to turn over all your liberty to the state? If the state can protect you from your inevitable demise, is turning over your land and property, your options and choices, and your dignity and livelihood, over to government bureaucrats acceptable?

Should you turn over your lives work and accomplishments to "the people" for a longer lifespan?

What about the lives of your children? Or your children's children?

Now think about it, really think about it.

Post a comment when you know what you think. I hope to follow this thought up when I get back.

Monday, June 02, 2008

My Life's Soundtrack

I saw this on Ethan's Blog, and thought about doing it, but then I saw Nat did it too, and that kinda cinched it for me. (I'm just keeping up the chain of blame.)

This is the soundtrack to "Your Life: the Movie." Put your playlist on shuffle and hit play. For each song you hear, put it down for a specific event in your movie-life. Don't skip songs or questions, just put them down as they come. Don't cheat to look cool.


Opening Credits: Nightmare World, Narbacular Drop
[This is a dark, instrumental piece from the game Narbacular Drop, Portal's predecessor.

Waking Up: Song 6, Daniel Powter
[I think it's about a guy deciding he wants to try going out with a certain girl, but with contemporary musical lyrics, who knows what he's saying. However, the tune has a sort of "We can take on the world," attitude, which would make for one amazing morning.

First Day At School: Break Anotha, Blake Lewis
[A very pop/techno tune, sung by a guy warning his friend that her new boyfriend is not of highest integrity. Best I can figure is that my childhood friend who is starting school at the same time as me finds a guy really, really, fast. Just don't ask me why I'm friends with that kind of six year old.]

Falling In Love: Don't Let Go, Weezer
["But if there comes a day/You should turn your heart away/I'll be down on my knees/Beggin for that girl to stay." Very appropriate. Like most Weezer, it is in a Rock/Alternate genera,]

Fight Song: Good Go Bad, Cheyenne Kimball
[It's actually about breaking up. I guess her guy went from good to bad, so she's singing him this rock song. Maybe I'm fighting an evil ex? Dern, am I hitting a girl. Maybe I'M the evil one.]

Breaking Up: Stick to the Status Quo, High School Musical
[I must have done something my girl didn't like, something out of characters something not cool, something nobody thinks I should have done.

Maybe I hit my ex?]

Prom: I Gotta Go My Own Way, Highschool Musical 2
[Gabriella brakes up with Troy. Boy did Prom ever suck. Way to round off an evening. I have absolutely NO luck with women.]

Life's OK: She Amazed Me, Rivo Drei
[Remember back to this morning? When I woke up? When I had no idea what this day would be about because I had no idea what Daniel Powter was singing about? Yeah. This is a parody of contemporary pop music. The lyrics are complete gibberish. I love this song. However, these constant break ups and the stress of my ex turning to the dark side must have driven me insane. Life is only OK in my heavily padded room. Que next scene.]

Mental Breakdown: Head Over Heels, ABBA
[Listen to those lyrics. Just listen to those lyrics. "Her man is one I admire/He's so courageous but hes constantly tired." Dern it. As soon as I get out of the mental institute, I get a new girl. That kind of girl. No wonder I go back.

Driving: Mambo #5, Lou Bega
["One, two, three, four, five/Everybody in the car, so come on let's ride/To the liquor store around the corner." Monica, Erica, Rita, Tina, Sandra, Mary, Jessica, and You. Maybe I'm better?]

Flashback: Do What You Want, OK Go
["Do what you want/What could go wrong?" That's me remembering my freind telling me it was OK to GO ask her out. On a side note, I find it interesting that Ethan had just told me about Aleister Crowley before WMP gave me this song.]

Getting Back Together: Most Girls, Pink
[What kind of girl did I get back with? Or rather, a better question is WHY this girl got back with me, a guy? This is a pop song about a girl that says she don't need a guy.]

Wedding: Yume Oboro, Eri Kitamura
[This is a kinda heavy beat pop song, but it also has a very distinct traditional Japanese sound to it. It's very cool. Excuse me me while I go look up what they lyrics mean, it's all in Japanese...

Heh, I should have known, the lyrics are more senseless than "She Amazed Me."]

Birth of Child: I Am Your Man, Rockapella
[Eh... I just can't think of an explanation for this.]

Final Battle: Hello Goodbye, Cheyenne Kimball
[I like to battle with Cheyenne Kimball. Maybe she's my evil ex? The song is about a guy that don't get his girl don't want him anymore. However, I ought to be married by now, why am I chasing a girl that doesn't want me? Maybe I married my evil ex? Are we fighting about a divorce? My my, this is just depressing.]

Death Scene: Oxygen, Colbie Caillat
[It's about a girl who meets a guy who she falls head over heels for. He steals all the oxygen from her lungs. It's not a dying song, but I guess it could mean I suffocate.]

Funeral Song: Quit Playing Games (With My heart), Backstreet Boys
[I guess it symbolizes that the girls will no longer be able to break my heart.]

End Credits: Knowing Me, Knowing You, ABBA
[Oh my gosh, this is perfect! It fits with the whole theme! It even makes a wonderful ending song. Simply perfect.]

[...and Nat's category,]

Trailer: Crab, Weezer
[I don't know what this song is about either, but it does make refference to a "her," so it can't misrepresent my movie too poorly.]