Living the Middle Life

In soviet Russia, the middle life is living.

Sunday, October 22, 2006


I have noticed a few things that don't seem to be... well... things. They are real, yet they aren't tangible. They seem to both exist, in one sense; yet not exist, in another sense. I have come to call what sort of substance they lack, "vessal".

This word is a take-off on vessel, as you have probably guessed. A vessel is a container, and what these things lack is sort of like a container. They lack space to occupy. You can't be in them, not like you can't be in matter, but in the space the matter is.

My first example is a surface. Take the surface of you wall, it is where the paint (or whatever is on your wall) touches the air. It is neither the wall, nor is it the air. It is between the wall and the air. Yet the wall and the air touch one another. The surface is in fact, two dimensional. It has no vessal, it really isn't anything. Not like a vacuum is nothing, for a vacuum takes up space, so a vacuum has vessal. That is the difference between vessal and matter.

My second example is the sky. The sky is what we see when we look up. It is not the atmosphere, it is not outer space. It is "up". The clouds are in the sky, the sun is in the sky, and the stars are in the sky. The stars are not in the day sky. Even though they are still there, you cannot see them. Thus they are not in the sky.

You cannot be in the sky. If you go up in a plane, you are up in the atmosphere, but you can look up at the sky, it is still above you. If you are standing on the ground, looking at me in a balloon, I would be in the sky. Right? The sky is simply "up". It isn't really anything. It has no vessal. Nothing to occupy.

In a way, things without vessal aren't things at all, they are more of concepts. However, concepts carries the connotation of something more abstract than the sky, or a surface. The sky and a surface are there, in reality. you can see them, but they really aren't there. They are both there, and not.

Okay. If you understood all that all-right, I'm going to introduce something a little different. A new substance that has no vessal. This is not something that lacks matter, but something that lacks energy. It is potential energy.

Potential Energy isn't really energy at all. It has the potential to be energy, but it is not Kinetic Energy. However, we talk about Potential Energy, why? Because it matters. It is something that really isn't real, but it sort of is. In almost the same way that the sky isn't really real, but sort of is. Potential Energy has no vessal

So, now I would really like it if y'all could give me more examples of objects that aren't. Things that have no vessal. If you actually know of a "real" word for vessal, that would be cool to. Then I can talk to people, and we could communicate.

If you have any questions or clarifications needed, you can ask away. (don't worry, I haven't forgotten about you)

Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Look at me, I post!

How insightful of myself. ;-)

Saturday, October 14, 2006


Yesterday "the store manager" called a stocker meeting.

He really isn't pleased with our profomances.

The minimum stocking speed for the company employees is around 50 pieces (boxes and stuff) per hour. He put what we've been doing into a calculator and got out around 23 pieces an hour. Which means we're going really slowly. REALLY slowly.

We've been barely getting the loads finished on time even with the managers help. He said that if we were going the proper speed, we shoudn't need the help. We should be able to do it in plenty of time. Enough time to even face the store and put out some backstock.

He really didn't know what to do. He said he'd give us another week and make a final desision then.

What a wonderful birthday.

Well, this evening I was in the store to face, and "the assistant manager" said she heard that we had a meeting. She said she wasn't to thilled witht the idea. She wasn't to impressed with the other two stockers, but I was really good, even if I was a little slow. She said she told this to "the store manager".
This made me feal a little better. Even if "the assistant manager" is one of those nice people who always says nice things, that you can never know if you can trust them to be honest about things that arn't to pleasent.

I pointed out that If I only stocked around 30 pieces an hour, I had a lot of catching up to do. I also wondered, If I'm stocking 30 pieces an hour (I counted) what must the other be doing to bring the average down like that? 15? 16?

It took a while for this to settle in my brain. I did get to watch a couple of funny movies on my birthday evening. The Pink Panther and Bewitched. I still kept on worrying though. I finally brought all my thoughts down to, "I have to try my best." That's it. If I try my best, then it will go the best it can for me. So I don't need to worry. (much)

Monday, October 09, 2006

Today at work:

Dawn (the assistant manager): "Paul, why do they never send me the products I order, why?"
Me [rather unsure]: "Umm... Because. They can't read?"
Dawn: "That's has got to be the trueth. Last week the sent me 50 boxes of honey nut cheerios, which is fine, it sells well. But they could have given me some regular for the sale too."

I need to put up a list of awesomex 'net videos sometime soon. I have so many I need to share.