Living the Middle Life

In soviet Russia, the middle life is living.

Saturday, September 30, 2006


We were driving up to spring green for APT's performance of Romeo and Juliet when we ran into some construction. We sat there wating for the flagman to signal us past, when I noticed the truck infront of us. It was a millar light truck. On the back of the truck was a sign for It had two "E"'s, I found this strange. Are they saying, "Be e Responsible", or "Bee Responsible" as in busy buzzing bees? Or do they mean to say,"Be Eresponsible" sounding much like iresponsible. It was strange. They might have an explenation on the website. I don't know, I havn't been there.

The play was awesome. I had always thought that Romeo and Juliet were stupid teens who thought they were inlove, and they go kill themselves over it. Which IS true, but this production made them seem more realistic. Romeo was tottally emo, and Juliet was...

...a fourteen year old girl.

Mercutio was awesome-funny. And Tiblet was played by David Daniel, so he seemed so much less evil. It was awesome. Y'all should come to WI for one of their proformances. It's awesome.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

I'm not creative enough to come up with a good title.

Interesting work escepades,

So I'm stocking the load from yeasterday. The other guys had plenty of time to finish after I had left. But they still had about two Uboats left. This took me about two and a half hours to do. when I left yeasterday, they had about twice as much to do. They did what I did in 2 1/2 hours in 3. I feal indespencible.

While I was stocking, this lady comes up to me and askes if we have any head lettus. The only lettus we had was leaf lettus. So I agree to look in the back for head lettus. As I walk back, I'm going through produce. I notice head luttus sitting there. after I find none in the back, I get some of the lettus we had out on the shelf. It looked perfectly acceptibal. When i presented it to the lady, asking if this was okay, she said that it was not. o_0

Apparently it was not firm like cabbage. I didn't get it, I've never seen head luttus that firm. She also said that because it was so floppy, that was why nobody was buying it. Which was completely bogus. I had pulled produce yeasterday. We had almost twice as much lettus than as we did now. not only was it selling, it was selling fast.

Later, a guy comes up to me and askes if we have any sallsburry steak dinners. For "on-core", because that was on sale. (These are frozen dinners btw) He says all we have left are macaroni&cheese, and a guy like him can't eat macaroni. So I look in the freezer in the back, we didn't have any.

As I come out and tell him, he again states his innebillety to eat macaroni. I say he should be able to get a raincheck from the front desk, so he can get the deal later. He sees one of teh Ladies from the front desk coming over this way and asks if he can get a rain check from her. I say she won't have the raincheck on her, it will be up at the front desk. At this point the lady (I'm sorry, I forgot her name) gets up to us and inquiers as to what's up.

The guy (I wish I had a name for him too.) says that we don't have any sallsburry stake meals and he can't be expected to eat macaroni. The lady tells him that we have a load comming in on Monday, the sale ends on Tuesday. He is very much agreeable to this.

He then askes for my name, I have to give it to him, it would be rude not to. But I am a little paranoid about this. Will he write a repote saying I tried very hard to please? Or will we say I didn't mention the load on Monday?

Me and my paranoia. (At least I hope that's all it is.)

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Which Lost character are you?

This quiz courtesy of Kelsey.

Your results:
You are Claire Littleton
Claire Littleton
Sun Kwon
Mr. Eko
Michael Dawson
Shannon Rutherford
Kate Austen
Sayid Jarrah
John Locke
Boone Carlyle
Hugo "Hurley" Reyes
Charlie Pace
Dr. Jack Shephard
James "Sawyer" Ford
Walt Lloyd
Jin-Soo Kwon
Ana-Lucia Cortez
You are attractive and you love someone very much. You seem to be a target for trouble but you have respect for God. You have a hard time making enough money to live from day to day.

Click here to take the Lost Personality Test

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Character Depth

I've been thinking about what makes characters deep. I've noticed that certain stories have very lame characters, like most anime, especially Shogo (girls comics). They have no depth of character. In other stories the characters have lots of depth, I noticed that In King Kong, Kyle almost had minds of his own.

I've puttered it down to a small list.

1.) Deus ex Machina does not effect them.

The writer for the chatacters does what he thinks the characters would do in a situation, and changing the subelties to make ends mete.

2.) The characters can make mistakes.

This is especially underused in Anime. The characters are almost infallible, to make the moments as romantic or dramatic as possible.

3.) They have distict personality twirks.

This is especially overused in Anime. All characters everywhere can almost allways be put into about four different categories of personality. This is so common that it gets undepthful. When it's underused people all act the same, and it's boring.

4.) The characters have continuity.

Basically they keep up the things above, they keep not doing things solely for plot development, they make the same mistakes and they keep their distinct personality.

This is what I've found makes characters most interesting. Thoughts, comments?

Thursday, September 07, 2006


So I'm in class today. It's not a conventional class, it's sort of an open house/self passed type of thing. It's done on a computer program, all my class information is kept on a key card, so I can use different consoles, incase my usual one is busy.

So my next lesson has an experiment. It tells me all the things I need to get fromt he other computer lab down the hall, they have all the equipment there. I find the computer card, and the oscilloscope. Now I need a function generator. However, they only have them in this other lab. So I talk with Art (my teacher) and Bob, (the teacher in the other room) and it's decided to do my lesson in the other room.

So I'm going through my lesson, and I'm asked to use the oscilloscope to measure 4vpp. I'm all like "what?" so I get Bob to help me, he messes around with the oscilloscope, I already figured out a bunch of the controls, so he shows me how to read it. I mention that it seems odd that I'm asked to use an oscilloscope withough being taught. He says He wouldn't teach the class like that, but it was what Art was doing.

So I get through my lesson withought to much trouble, (except the test had a problem I felt good Bing able to figure that out.) as I show the mistake to Bob, and I finish my test. He askes to see my lesson layout, I open the window and show him. His response?

"This isn't fundamental electricity/electronics!"
"It isn't"
"No, this is much more advanced."
"So I've been taking the wrong course? Who would I talk to?"
"Ask Art."

So I ask Art, he looks at my class schedule, "What? You're taking fundamental electricity eletronics? I thought you were taking [some other class]"
"Really? So I've been taking what kind of class"
"This is a 300 level class."

Holy cow! I was like, weirded out. I was doing well in the class too. I had taken four tests already, and had gotten 100% on two, and 90% on the other two.

I feel smart.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Poor Johnny

This is a "Poem" I found in my science book:

Johnny had the stomach ache.
He hasn't anymore,
For what he thought was H2O
Was H2SO4.

In case you are wondering, H2SO4 is the chemical formula for sulfuric acid, a very powerful and poisonous liquic. Poor Johnny!

I find it odd (and cool) that we must have poems about people drinking sulfuric acid in our science books. Now it does get the point across, and I will always remember the chemical formula for sulfuric acid. However, I always thought the word more normal than this.

Maybe in a few years I'll be mainstreem. Now will that be cool or sad? I honestly don't know. I really can't even begin to comprehend that.