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In soviet Russia, the middle life is living.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

How Lutheran Are You?

You are 75% Lutheran! This is most certainly true.

Not a perfect score. What does this mean? You have room for growth in understanding Lutheran terminology and culture. Good thing Salvation is by Grace and not by merit. We can add nothing to what God has done for us in Christ Jesus. But it never hurts to learn a little more about the church on earth. Thanks for taking the quiz!

How Lutheran Are You?
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Saturday, December 09, 2006

You deserve it

When I asked my manager for my break yesterday, his response was, "Sure, you deserved it." This pleased me for obvious reasons. He was the manager who told us all we needed to go faster in our stocking about a month an' half ago.

Later, I was stocking while the price manager was working with tags in aisle five. After a period of time working mostly quietly, she screams in frustration. (not a big scream, we don't want to disturb the customers) She then told me to, "Go get those other two." (the other two stockers were at the other end of the store)

When I brought them over she lectured us on how we needed to MAKE SURE that we stocked the product in it's proper place. She was finding all sorts of items stocked wrong. Not only would that make it hard to order new products (meaning the assistant manager who orders the loads gets a hard time), but the prices could be wrong, meaning the customers get mad, and that it all gets blamed on her, the price tag manager. Even though it was our fault. (there was also something about stringing us up from Christmas decorations)

After the other two left she asked me if I thought it sunk in. I really didn't know how to respond. She said she thought the same when I gave the only answer I could think of, "errrrrr..."

Then the assistant manager (the one who orders the load, remember?) came in. She didn't work that day, she was just buying groceries. The price manager asks her how she can order the loads when all the items are in the wrong places, and that she had just yelled at the stockers, "Except this one [gestures at me], he's the good one."

It was like Big Head day for me or something. That and Friday is payday. It was like the best day at work ever.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Gmail is a go

My email is working again! Just all of a sudden, after about two weeks of not working, the computer decided to start running Gmail and Yahoo Mail again.

It was strange... because outlook express kept getting mail, and Gmail worked on other computers. So I guessed it had something to do with the firewall or cookies.

So either the computer decided to just change itself, or one of my parents changed some settings/deleted cookies.

Anyway, the point is I can recieve mail again! (

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

My Poor Knuckle

It was Sunday evening. I was washing the dishes. Not an uncommon thing to see me do evenings. It is my responsibility to be sure the supper dishes are cleaned. Nothing extraordinary usually happens when I wash the dishes. This last Sunday, however, was an exception.

I was washing one of the Christmas glasses. We got them out early this year. Don't know why. I guess it really doesn't matter. As I was washing this glass, I heard a loud crack. I'm talking a pretty decent one. I'm a little confused, my first thought was that I had broken a bone in my hand. However, I hadn't felt any pain. I then thought that maybe someone else had dropped something in the next room. However, no one seemed to be making any fuss. This all took a rather short time.

Then I realized that it was the glass I had been washing. I quickly took my hands out of the water. I didn't want to be scraped up by glass floating around in the suds. That was when I noticed the knuckle of my right pointer finger, the knuckle closest to my hand. It had a bit of skin cut almost all the way off, and was bleeding pretty bad. Without wasting any more time I rinsed off my knuckle and immediately applied pressure. It took forever to stop the bleeding.

It took forever because it was not just skin that I had lost, it was a chunk of flesh. It wasn't that much, except for the fact it came from my knuckle. The cut being on the knuckle, I couldn't keep the bit of flesh almost severed from my hand. For the knuckle is a bit of one's body that is constantly moving, constantly stretching. It could never heal together properly. Unfortunately there was just barely too much for me to rip it off. So I had to cut it. Painful. However, the bleeding stopped entirely not too soon after that. It hadn't stopped entirely before I cut the skin off, even after I applied pressure for such a long time.

Now I can't put too much stress on my right hand without inducing too much pain. Unfortunately, I'm right handed. This has resulted in me being even more clumsy than usual.