Living the Middle Life

In soviet Russia, the middle life is living.

Thursday, April 24, 2008


...all my troubles seemed so far away, no, that doesn't mean today is bad. Today is great.

Turns out I did get financial aid information yesterday.

At the other house.

I got just about what I had anticipated. Around 6.4 thousand. That makes Bethany a couple thousand cheaper than UW-M.

That's how much I guessed I'd be getting, but I had hoped for more. I feel almost torn, half of me is happy and ecstatic that I'm getting anything at all, the other half is sad and gloomy that I'm not getting 10 thousand.

Shall we all try and focus on the happy then? That'd be great.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

All's quiet on the western front.

Well, considering my last post, I've got good news and no news.

The no news is that I didn't get a letter from the college about financial aid. There is no news to report about it. I should have expected it. After all, it took a week for my information to get to them, it oughta' take a week for their information to get back to me. They weren't figuring it would take a week when they told me how long it would take to get to me.

The good news is that I got a job at Noodles & Company. mmm pasta!


I have a job interview in an hour and a half, and the college said I should be getting the financial aid information in today's mail.

I hope this will be a good day.

Friday, April 18, 2008


See that? I cut that down. Almost all by myself.

I saw this other picture a couple weeks ago. It was a little startling. Our tree has... a... face... Wild.

I'm gonna be in Antigo this weekend. It's gonna' be awesome.

I've been looking into getting a job at radio stations. It's turned up fruitless. It seems they don't really hire part time.

See, the kind of job I want with them falls under the description of "Internship." I want to learn a little bit about the business, and get a little experience under my belt. To help a future career. (That kind of ambition should look good on any application.)

See? Intern. But they want interns who are already in college, not ones planning on attending soon.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Her Name is College, Bethany College, Bethany LUTHERAN College

The cost of college, the bottom line, the room, bored, and tuition of one year:

For Bethany it's about $24,600
For UWMilwaukee it's about $15,100

Bethany has already giving me the Luther Scholarship, which is $5,000 a year. If they give me at least $5,000 more in financial aid, it would actually be cheaper to attend Bethany.

Still, it would be some $15,000 out of my pocket. A year.

Bethany is a great college. After last weekend I really want to go there. It's small, only about 500 students. They have a strong communications major, it's in the top three in the state.

The biggest benefit about Bethany is that it's only about two hours away from River Falls. Yeah, that's a blog. A blog written by a girl. A particular girl. If you can't figure it out, then... well... I'm sure your mother will be able to figure it out for you.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Now children, "showers" rhymes with "flowers."

If the amount of April showers we get is proportional to the amount of May flowers that will bloom...

...We'll be making Ethanol out of flowers.

We'd have so many that even the government bureaucrats couldn't ignore the reality of supply and demand over their big fat paychecks. And that's saying something.

(Eaten any good corn lately?)

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Oh my gosh, I'm older than my mom!

I mentioned the Song "Hey Mickey" by Toni Basil at lunch today. You know, "Oh Mickey you're so fine, you're so fine you blow my mind," "Oh Micky what a pity, you don't understand, you take me by the heart when you take me by the hand." It was released in 1982.

My mom didn't have any idea what I was talking about.

Honestly, It's an old song. Parents are supposed to know all the old songs. How is this right?

I learned about Happy Tree Friends. Wow, it's like Itchy and Scratchy.

I also learned about Eurovision. It's like American Idol meets Miss America. Miss American Idol. Each European country sends one performer, who then performs. Then, they all rank the other countries performances, and a winner is found. This year it's the week of the tenth of May. I'm gonna have to watch it.

The only two winners I recognized were Abba and Lordi.

Rachel showed me the preview for the Zelda movie. It was awesome. After browsing around a little, looking for a place I could download the video (Which I eventually found.), I came across this awesome commercial for A Link to the Past. (that's a wmv file)