Living the Middle Life

In soviet Russia, the middle life is living.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Despair, for it's your birthday.

My sister Rachel and my friend, Heidi M, have birthdays today. And just so I don't have to send out two seperate songs, I'll put it right up on my blog. (No, I lied. I just put it up here because I wanted to show everyone the amusing lyrics I got off of this one SCA filk website.)

Happy Birthday,
Happy Birthday,

It's your birthday; never fear,
You'll be dead this time next year,

Happy Birthday,
Happy Birthday,

People living in despair,
Children dying everywhere,

Happy Birthday,
Happy Birthday,

Typhoid, plague and polio,
Coffins lined up in a row,

Happy Birthday,
Happy Birthday,

One year closer to death,
When you'll draw your final breath,
Happy Birthday,
Happy Birthday,
The many candles on your cake,
Burn as a bomb's destructive wake,

Happy Birthday,
Happy Birthday,

Your neighbors steal, your man's untrue,
Your children plot to murder you,

Happy Birthday,
Happy Birthday,

Your daughter's face could crack a mirror,
Your eldest son is acting queer,

Happy Birthday,
Happy Birthday,

(...and because Heidi's turned 18.)

Now your jail-bait days are done,
Let's go out and have some fun!

Happy Birthday,
Happy Birthday.


Monday, September 17, 2007

Jack Bauer Facts

So in my last post I apparently misspelled Jack's last name. It's "Bauer," not "Bower." When Philip pointed this out to me I quickly got on blogger to fix my mistake.

Just to be sure I got it right the second time I typed it into the Google bar Firefox has up in it's top right corner. You know, that one that gives commonly searched suggestions? Yeah.

This is all about one of those suggesttions it gave me.

When I typed in "Jack Bauer," the first option on the list was "Jack Bauer facts." I was intrigued. So I opened a new tab and checked it out. I got this web page.


I then looked up some "Chuck Norris facts." Just to see how the two lists of facts compare.

I noticed that a few of the "Jack Bauer facts" were simply modified "Chuck Norris facts," but not many. I also noted how those were my least favorite of all the "Jack Bauer facts."

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Much Ado About Nothing

We went to APT yesterday. It was quite a day.

We spent Thursday night in a hotel on the west side of Madison. It was a Radisson. Quite a fancy little joint. They had a small gym, bacon and eggs for breakfast, and conference rooms. Schnazzy.

I remember being told that it was by the China1Buffet place that we had dinner with Bartletts the one time. "By" was an understatement. It was right across the little street. We could have read the days special on their sign if they did that sort of thing. Which they don't.

Being about an hour and a half closer to Spring Green than we usually are, we had time to kill before leaving. I took advantage of the Cable to watch that Jack Bauer show. You know... the one where he saves the world every 24 hours? Yeah. It was slower than I realized. Having everything in real time is reather disconcerting.

The play was awesome. I'd seen the Kenneth Branagh version once a long time ago, but had fogotten most of it. I Benedick seemed like a bit of a dork. Not just in the way he was portrayed (which was a bit dorky) but in what he said.

I liked Friar Francis's line, "She must die to live." That was cool.

Afterwards on our way over to the other side of the city, we stopped by a shopping center on the West Side. The parents wanted something at some store. I don't know what they wanted, or what the store was, but across the parking lot I saw these two buildings.

I was amazed at how... modern they looked. This picture is a little grainy, so it ruins the effect a little, but it's still striking.

After a whiles reflection I think it's not entirely the style that makes it look modern, but how it's got that "just built" look. The buildings are clean, the trees are small, the parking lot is smooth, etc.

But still. The roof, the pillars, and the windows, especially the windows, are all quite a modern style.

It's just missing a Starbucks.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

My poor neglected blog.

I have an excuse though. It's not just any old "Dog ate my homework," kind of excuse, it's a good one.

I haven't been able to get at the computer.

For weeks now I've been so diligently picking at my school work that I have little time left for fun stuff. The necessary "alone time" has been eating bigger and bigger chunks of "free time".

Now that I'm finished with the anime "Mai HiME,[1] [2]" I should have more time for internet and reading.

I've been plucking away at that Douglas Adams book for almost a year. I really have to pick up the pace a bit.

Just an update for anyone what doesn't read my mom's blog, our waters been out. The septic tank has disintegrated. We can't drain water. We can still use the taps, which helps greatly, but we just can't drain it all.

Don't worry. We've been surviving.